Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crossfit Central Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a non-traditional way to get in shape and feel great! Through resistance training using your own body weight, randomized movements, and cardiovascular training you can get the lean, toned body that you have always wanted.

Our programs are both general and specific in design. We’ve trained everyone from senior citizens to marathon runners to triathletes. These programs are for individuals who are committed to making a change in their life with the support of a strong community, no matter what walk of life they are coming from.

What to expect from Boot Camp:

• Core strength and a tighter back side
• Average five pounds of weight loss
• Function that will apply to any sport as well as every day life
• Accountability of goals for maximum results
• Increase in strength and cardiovascular endurance
• Increase in coordination and agility
• Have a blast working out with like minded, motivated people

Every CrossFit Central Boot Camp begins with a free, optional consultation session. This is an opportunity for you to closely track not only the physical changes you experience, but also your overall fitness level.

These consultations are completely optional, but we do encourage our clients to make every effort to take advantage of this offer.

CrossFit Central offers two levels of Boot Camp: Intermediate and Advanced

Level I: Intermediate

You will be introduced to the essential movements of Boot Camp during the Intermediate program, and you will develop and understand the fundamentals of Boot Camp. While our Boot Camps are high intensity, you dictate just how much or how little you want to push yourself every time you come to camp.

Level II: Advanced

The Advanced program utilizes the same Boot Camp philosophy but at a more intense rate with less recovery time within each hour long session. You still have the ability to control the intensity of your workout by pushing yourself as little or as much as you are able.

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